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C, C++, and DS

C language Introduction: C is probably the computer programming language used most to write professional-level software, though programs written new today are usually done with its object-oriented successor, C++. Both are best suited to well-trained programmers with the knowledge, tools, and time to avoid some major pitfalls
C is a general purpose Programming Language. C has proven to be a powerful and versatile language for a wide variety of programs. Many of the modern languages like C++, Visual C++, Java, JavaScript, etc. are based on C Language. Therefore, not knowing this Language is considered to be a handicap. The fundamental types are characters, and integers and floating-point numbers of several sizes. Pointers provide for machine independent address arithmetic.
Main topics Covered:-
1. Syntax, C Basics, Control Constructs
2. Remaining Control Constructs
3. Arrays, Strings, Functions
4. Strings, Structures and Unions
5. Pointers, C Preprocessors
6. C Standard Libraries and Header Files

COURSE NAME: C, C++ and DS  |   COURSE CODE: C, C++ and DS  |  DURATION: 3 Months