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Certificate in Abacus Teacher Training Course Abacus Teacher Training is a unique opportunity to earn second income and even main income for many of us.
Abacus training classes due to its unmatched benefits for children is popular across the world and qualifying as a trained and certified Abacus Training or Abacus Teacher opens new opportunities for professionals to start their own Abacus Math Class Training Institute or Center or to be hired by any of the school of institution as an full­time Abacus Trainer.
Horizon ­ Brain Development Academy is an Abacus Training Institute to offer Abacus Teacher Training for Teachers, Graduates,Educated Women and Progressive Couple. Horizon ­ Brain Development Academy provides certification to the students undergoing Abacus Training for Teachers after the completion of Training.

COURSE NAME: Certificate in Abacus Teacher Training Course  |   COURSE CODE: CATTC  |  DURATION: 3 Months